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the absence we fear and the rhythm we struggle to find

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Dear ones -

I’ve been back in the States a little over a month now and I’m reminded: integration often takes longer than we think it will - the space between what’s here, now, and what we now know to be possible is a place of healthy tension, heartbreak, creativity, imagination… hopefully leading to more wholeness and vibrant human-spirit expression.

In the turning of the seasons and daily cycles, the moon is swelling again to fullness. Which means… it’s podcast time again!

As my post-pilgrimage integration journey continues, I share with you some John O’Donohue-inspired musings around Absence as creative force and soul-home.

You’ll hear a breath meditation and synopsis of the Slavic story of Vasilisa (plus an image from the story which feels potent to me right now); as well as some of my wonderings on:

  • wholeness;
  • presence and absence;
  • our fear around ‘nothingness’;
  • the crux of the tension inherent in being a soul and a human;
  • and being ‘in rhythm’ vs ‘vacancy’.

I continue exploring the perfection of our messy designs and share with you an invitation to be kinder to ourselves when going through a rough patch.

And I’d love to keep hearing from you: What do you think? Where do you find rhythm between your own Presence, Absence, and vacancy? Does any of this land for you? Or do you see it all as something else?

I'll close with a blessing to take with us through the day:

May we know each moment to be the threshold it is because we honor both our body-self and our invisible-self. And may both those selves have places to retreat into rest. May we treat ourselves to absence when the time is now. May we befriend our hunger and longing so it becomes the instigating spark of our creativity and imagination. May our many pieces come home to wholeness. And may we be able to sort the dreams from the dirt to find the treasures of possibility in all our peak experiences.

with Love,


P.S. The Sanctuary gathering next week on Tues (free this month as we try it out together) is meant to be replenishing sanctuary for our body-self and invisible-self. And will use stories like Vasilisa’s (and other ancestral archetypes) to bring us into the space between Presence and Absence where already and not yet, belonging and longing, find a certain rhythm and harmony. You can grab your spot to join us here.

2923 Pine Spring Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042
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Hi! I'm Kate - an intuitive, medicine woman, and guide for embodied Presence

I care with every fiber of my being that you, a creature of soul and soil, are trying to thrive in systems not designed for you. Where ancient wounds of disconnect, inherited traumas, and misalignments with our over-culture leave you feeling out of place, too much, or like a canary in the mine, I see invitations back deeper into your own aliveness; vital next steps to a wiser, more relational future. Let’s navigate your big questions and transitions together. I’ll support you living meaningfully in this world even though you may feel like you were designed for a different one. I’ll keep you orienting to the truth, heart, and essential wholeness of who you are at the edge of great joy and when you need your feet held to the fire of your own journey. You can see what I offer: and sign up to get a little bit of me, direct to your inbox!

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