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my words are all over right now (new pod episode)

Published about 1 month ago • 2 min read

Beloveds -

I’m struggling a little with words right now - too few in some places, too many in others.

The things I should share bubbling and sticking. The things more tender and vulnerable just wanting to pour out of me almost too fast to capture, steward appropriately, share.

Amid the ancient stones of the Burren in Ireland, a unique and incredible landscape almost moon-like in its barrenness until you look down at the cracks between the stones and see whole, rich ecosystems of plant life; by the light of a woodstove; I rolled around on the floor and moved stuck energy until stories and myths began pouring back through me again.

Since returning to the States, I’ve been sick, I’ve felt stuck, I spiraled into a dark place very similar to where I began this ‘healing’ or Soul homecoming journey. In the last few weeks, I’ve sat with some of the worst stories my mind has ever told me about myself, my lovability, my value. I’ve let myself come undone until all that was left was what I thought was unforgivable in myself and I’m finding a way to love that, too. I’ve tended my heartbreak until a new story about it, a perspective shift, appeared. And as I’m coming out the other side, the writing and stories have started moving again.

And then, I recorded a podcast episode.

It’s both juicy and clumsy. Vulnerable and messy. But perhaps it will speak to you on your own homecoming journey. On your own journey to live with heartbreak and other big feelings.

Remember - we owe nothing to the shadow (ours or others’) beyond a compassionate gaze. We don’t have to live there. We do have to let it speak when it needs to.

Tune in for some light musings on dark places.

with Love from the fire,


P.S. Insight 2024, your chance to have me channel messages through the archetypes of tarot to support your growth for the year, is only open until this coming Friday, Jan 19th.

People who’ve gotten them are loving how on-point, exciting, hopeful, and insightful they are. I even had a session with someone yesterday to dive deeper into the archetypes and really explore where they’re meeting his life right now. We both left feeling lit up by the mystery of life and possibilities present in each of us when we follow the whispers of our hearts and souls. As dark and challenging as life can be, there is truly so much beauty, too.

John O’Donohue points out that if we look at our fronts, we can’t see our backs and the opposite is true, too. We can never see our full selves. We aren’t meant to. So if you could use the compassionate gaze of a friendly soul and your benevolent guides to help affirm, challenge, and support your growth; to see what you might not be fully seeing yet; you have until Friday to get your cards for the year or sign up for a monthly membership for the whole year. <3

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Hi! I'm Kate - an intuitive, medicine woman, and guide for embodied Presence

I care with every fiber of my being that you, a creature of soul and soil, are trying to thrive in systems not designed for you. Where ancient wounds of disconnect, inherited traumas, and misalignments with our over-culture leave you feeling out of place, too much, or like a canary in the mine, I see invitations back deeper into your own aliveness; vital next steps to a wiser, more relational future. Let’s navigate your big questions and transitions together. I’ll support you living meaningfully in this world even though you may feel like you were designed for a different one. I’ll keep you orienting to the truth, heart, and essential wholeness of who you are at the edge of great joy and when you need your feet held to the fire of your own journey. You can see what I offer: and sign up to get a little bit of me, direct to your inbox!

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