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in convo with a client today about needing sanctuary

Published 29 days ago • 2 min read

Dear wolf pack -

“We all need sanctuary. If you don’t make time for sanctuary intentionally, you’ll make sanctuary unintentionally.”

In a conversation with a client today, we were talking about feeling so tired, overly sensitive, and stretched thin that we pull away from our commitments, our family members, our partners. We become “unreliable” and from there it’s a quick step to self-judgement and working harder, pushing harder, overriding more… or complete shut down.

The truth is, we need time and spaces of sanctuary - when we’re feeling good and when we’re in times of challenge. And if we aren’t acknowledging that need, we’ll get sick, burnt out, irritated, feel depressed, or start to disconnect in other subtle and less obvious ways. We’re more likely to try and burn our whole lives down.

So what is sanctuary?

  • presence
  • soul
  • deep listening
  • magic
  • wisdom
  • connection without agenda - soul-to-soul, not role-to-role
  • quiet and rest
  • and tending the sparks and flames of our creative, sensual expression

sometimes it happens in solitude… and sometimes it needs community, guidance, and support.

And it’s because I’ve been seeing this need in myself and in my clients that I created Sanctuary - a once monthly gathering to source and re-source ourselves from as we go through our days.

I make no promises that this once/ month gathering will answer any or all of your problems. We are living in times that are asking us to dig deep.

But if you look around at your life and wonder where your needs for sanctuary are being met;

if you know you need it but are struggling to make time for it without some accountability;

if you want some more people in your life who also understand the need for this to inspire you and support you

perhaps you’re feeling the call to join our March-Aug cohort?

It’s registering now.

with Love,


P.S. Even if I can't promise this will solve your problems, I can remind you that changing nothing, taking no action to move in the direction of something you want, definitely won't help either. So if this speaks to you, perhaps that's a nudge from your deeper self to take a step. Enrollment for this cohort is only open until March 26th. After that, we won't enroll again for a little while.

This offering also has community tiered pricing and monthly payment plans to support accessibility. You can find out more or join us here.

P.P.S. This offering is spiritual in the way of animism - it assumes we all believe in a sacred mystery and consciousness at the heart of all of creation. It does not ask you to believe in any specific doctrine or to give up the beliefs you do hold. It is not in opposition to science or faith. It aims to speak to souls and wide networks of kinship, not systems of power or reductionist tools of empire. It asks us to be in wonder and compassion with each other, as humans.

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Hi! I'm Kate - an intuitive, medicine woman, and guide for embodied Presence

I care with every fiber of my being that you, a creature of soul and soil, are trying to thrive in systems not designed for you. Where ancient wounds of disconnect, inherited traumas, and misalignments with our over-culture leave you feeling out of place, too much, or like a canary in the mine, I see invitations back deeper into your own aliveness; vital next steps to a wiser, more relational future. Let’s navigate your big questions and transitions together. I’ll support you living meaningfully in this world even though you may feel like you were designed for a different one. I’ll keep you orienting to the truth, heart, and essential wholeness of who you are at the edge of great joy and when you need your feet held to the fire of your own journey. You can see what I offer: and sign up to get a little bit of me, direct to your inbox!

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