FIXED! when peace isn't the antidote to violence (new pod episode)

(I've been trying to send you this email all day with my email system glitching. I finally thought I'd found gotten a workaround and the email went out blank. Cue noises of incoherent frustration)

Hey, dear wolf pack -

What do you think of when you think of violence and peace? Antidote? Opposite sides of a coin?

And have you ever experienced shame, judgement, guilt, and anger? Have you felt bad about experiencing any of those? If so - my latest podcast episode is for you.

As you may be aware, the through-thread of my wonderings and conversations in this podcast is a question: in the face of the dehumanizing forces of the world, how do we devote ourselves to more humanity?

And in these times, questions around peace, violence, and justice feel deeply relevant and urgent to questions of humanity.

So on this new moon, join me around the fire for some of my heartfelt musings around:

  • violence, peace, culture;
  • what I think many wellness spaces are missing;
  • and what I view as the orienting principle we need as we navigate a world of both dualism and non-dualism.

You’ll hear my take on four ‘messy’ emotions we often vilify within ourselves and how we can begin to shift our inner cultures of punishment, rupture, and exile to ones more aligned with our values of peace, love, and harmony (spoiler alert: it’s not by training ourselves away from these emotions!).

The creation of anything starts in the head as an idea and vision, then it has to move through the heart to the hands and legs. We have to be it, move as it, in order to create it.

What do you think? Did this episode shift your perspective or experience? Is there anything I missed? I’d love to keep hearing from you.

May we be the change we want to see. May we liberate ourselves to liberate others and vice versa. May abolition begin with our wounded, exiled selves. May we come to know the difference between shame and loving accountability. May we see it, feel it, be it. May Love be our North Star.

with Love,


P.S. I recently got interviewed by Canvas Rebel where they asked me to share some of my story and perspectives. It went live a few days ago and I’m excited (and a little nervous!) for it to be to there in the world! Check it out and feel free to share it with folks you think might resonate. Here’s to more of these types of conversations <3

P.P.S The registration link for our second Sanctuary gathering (on Tues Feb 27th) is now live. This will be the final free one before official registration opens, so if you want to check it out, join us! It would be wonderful to gather with you as we gift ourselves the time for rest, imagination, and heartfelt community. John O’Donohue says: “In many different ways, the imagination tries to awaken, articulate, and integrate all the presences that meet in us.” Sounds like Sanctuary to me.

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