endings, this astrological moment, and new pod ep

Dear ones -

Endings are not as final as linearity would have us believe (although what we are mourning or celebrating the ending of - specific situations, relationships, individuals, etc - may never come back into our lives).

Remembering the innate cycles and circularity to life returns us to the wisdom that endings are thresholds.

And thresholds come with grief, discomfort, relief, excitement, fear, pain, and pretty much everything else a human can be capable of feeling.

We often arrive at a threshold bruised and a little bloodied.

We come carrying the weight of what has been and the weight of what we hope will be.

And thresholds confound us in our ability to keep carrying any of it.

Don’t get me wrong - we can rush through thresholds. We can keep dragging our suitcases along even as they get heavier and heavier and take more and more of our precious life force to maintain. But there’s a cost. And if we don’t pay it at this threshold, it’ll show up… with interest… at the next one.

So as the moon swallows the sun today, and light becomes shadowed and distorted; as the essence of life-giving force in our solar system dies to be reborn; as Chiron, the wounded healer, stands beside the sun in it’s death and rebirth - perhaps now is a potent time to tune in yourself (and seek support if you know you need it but have been putting it off) with the question of:

What ways of being are you finally ready to release so your wounds transmute into your medicine?

What parts of you are ready to be reborn?

Today’s also a new moon so there’s a new podcast episode. This one isn’t specifically on today’s astrological themes, but it’s a beautiful conversation with between me and another Kate, Kate Graham, who is also a shamanic oracle and nomad.

Since Kate believes deeply in the balance of light and dark (and using comedy to help maintain that balance), you can expect to hear us ask the types of serious and silly questions, like:

If we held up a laugh-meter (like the one from Monsters, Inc) what would our laugh levels be?

Why do we just feel drawn to certain places?

Do our ancestors matter?

Is it possible to befriend crows while being a nomad?

You’ll also hear us wonder about topics like:

  • tuning into the energy of lands and locations;
  • how we might be selling our long-ago ancestors short;
  • the beauty of it taking all kinds;
  • why did we put structures which hold us in place into place?;
  • moving from hopelessness to optimism;
  • what remembering ancestral ways of meaning-making, healing, celebrating, and integrating have meant for us personally;
  • the balance of light and dark;
  • the role of tricksters, crows, and comedians in society;
  • the difference between healers who put things back together and healers who walk the edges with you;
  • why healing work can feel so hard and exhausting sometimes and some shifts in approach which might make it easier;
  • how love and abolition are teaching us right now…

and more.

This is a longer conversation because we just kept riffing off each other. But watching it back as I was preparing these notes, I kept finding myself laughing and wondering about things all over again.

Join us around the fire? You’re most welcome here.

May we each find the gift of our part in things and the places, people, and rituals to nurture those sparks. May we laugh more than we think we should and be free to flow where our medicine is most useful and our hearts feel most alive. May we have the courage and trust to come undone and rediscover something of even greater beauty. May we love our boundaries and therefore be able to love everyone. May we befriend the crows.

Deep breaths, friends - we’ve got this.

with Love,


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