Dear ones -

I used to think I was a pretty cheerful person. But in the last 5-7 years or so, there’s been a gradual shift into something distinctly more pessimistic and darker.

That’s not inherently a bad thing. We need to drop into the shadow and befriend the monsters. Light without acknowledging and honoring the dark can be just as unhealthy as living full-time in the dark.

Yet, time and again, I see how either-or does not offer us wholeness, only more fragmentation. We need the ‘And’ space: both light and the dark; mess and the beauty; physical and subtle; human and beyond.

Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to focus more on the positive, not because the challenges don’t exist and not in some head-in-the-sand kind of way; but because believing in joy as an orienting force in the universe gives us something to keep moving towards.

In the darkness, we compost and root; in the light, we grow and fruit.

In today’s podcast episode with Kari Hohne, you’ll hear a powerful and wise voice advocating for joyful living.

Kari is a dream analyst, artist, and expert on the eastern and western archetypes that inspire our dreams and oracles; including ancient astrology, Tarot's archetypes, and the Tao te Ching and I Ching. Through her website Cafe au Soul, her seven books, and her music; Kari taps into deep rivers of spiritual and transcendental wisdom while bridging the gap between an appreciation for nature and the spiritual journey.

(*Note: if you're used to watching the episode, this one is audio-only, per Kari's needs. Video will be back next episode. It is still posted on YouTube.)

You’ll hear us explore:

  • the wider, ‘second’ vision as the more objective of the perspectives available to us;
  • being one of many organisms alive on this planet;
  • what shamanism means to Kari;
  • the idea that our world is not worse, but rather the best possible expression available at this moment;
  • the ‘24-hr mind’ and dreams (including nightmares) as tools for awakening;
  • how ancient wisdom traditions like Daoism and the I Ching guide us to Nature as a teacher;
  • non-linear time;
  • the role of wonder in living joyfully;
  • technology and expanded consciousness;
  • fear and creativity;
  • the language of symbolism…

and much more.

Parts of this conversation stayed with me for a while after. I found myself chewing on those paradoxes at the heart of this human journey.

Join us around the fire to tap back into the joy and magic of being alive?

I hope you will <3


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