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a practice for discerning decision-making (last call for Sanctuary)

Published 17 days ago • 2 min read

Dear ones -

Friendly reminder that 5pm ET TODAY (Tues Mar 26th) is your last chance to join this cohort of Sanctuary and the beautiful group of humans who are coming together.

I’m really looking forward to our gathering tonight as I feel the potency of what’s happening in the world (human-made and natural) and in the dance of celestial bodies/ ancestors.

A time for deep reflection and rooted sourcing.

A time to pause and let the ripples of endings and beginnings move through our whole system so we can take action from an integrated place.

A time to ask hard questions and call forth our wisdom, together, collectively, including the presence of our ancestors as we do.

I’ve heard from a couple of people how luscious and important this gathering sounds to them- even as we celebrate their integrity in knowing this is not the right time for them to join.

A correct ‘not right now’ can be Sanctuary, too.

We’re building the new culture we want to see with every ‘yes’ and every ‘no’.

So I'll share with you a practice I recently put myself through when it came to a big decision I had a lot of different emotions about. May it serve you if you're on the fence about joining, or anytime you need to make a decision.

Ask yourself:

1) What is the energy of my 'yes' and my 'no'? (ex: which holds urgency, striving, desperation, resistance, possibility, fear/excitement, peace, ease, accountability, etc... if they were a person or animal, what would they look like and how are they acting?)

2) Which is more aligned with the me I want to be, with the world I want to build? (even if it's the less familiar energy or choice)

Then, if you are a yes, if the you you want to be and the world you want to build is served by your joining at this time, hop over here and jump in our group.

If it is the right time for you, I can't wait to see you there.

with Love,


P.S. The decision I arrived at using the above practice was not the one my ego or my fears and insecurities wanted. But I can feel how honoring it is the next step in aligning myself behind my values and I trust it will take me down new (and ultimately 'better') paths than the ones I've already been down (which haven't taken me where I want to go). Every different outcome begins with a different decision.

P.P. S. the characters of the story I’ll be telling in Sanctuary tonight are walking beside me today, getting ready to be shared and to work their medicine and magic.

P.P.P.S during our Sanctuary quiet free time… you’ll probably catch me knitting because my hands just do not want to be still right now and yet I don’t have the focus to warp my loom 🤣 How you might spend the time will be up to you: meditate? breathe? pray? mindfully move? craft, draw, write, create...? Whatever will feed your soul. It's Sanctuary, after all.

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Hi! I'm Kate - an intuitive, medicine woman, and guide for embodied Presence

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